2Fish: Inclusion of secondary service professions
within fishery to the normal VET system

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The consortium consists of 7 partners. Together they represent a broad spectrum of pedagogical competences, training possibilities, experiences and knowledge. Further, this partnership covers the main European Seas where fishery still constitutes a basis for living – the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and the North Sea. 
Central Denmark EU Office (CDEU) is a public body formed by the Central Denmark Region and the 19 municipalities in the Region. The office is based in Brussels, close to international networks and contacts that are used on a daily basis to create connections and cooperation possibilities for different stakeholders in Central Denmark. Education and training is a focus area, and the office has a long history of assisting schools, educational institutions and other stakeholders in Central Denmark in project development and cooperation possibilities within the EU. As part of a large international network CDEU is experienced in coordinating different events and acting as a recognized player in the international environment. Furthermore, the office is characterized by years of experience in disseminating and promoting the EU and EU-related subjects to stakeholders in Denmark, especially in the field of education and in relation to industries essential for the region (e.g. fishing industry).
Central Denmark is Coordinator of the 2Fish project assisted by a Scientific Coordinator, Fiskeriskolen, DK. 
Fisheries Training Center (Fiskeriskolen) is the only national training center for fishermen in Denmark certified and yearly audited by the Danish Maritime Agency (Søfartsstyrelsen).  The school offers a 2 year education of skilled fishermen for young people, 16 – 21 years, approved by the Ministry of Education, besides short-term courses for established fishermen, skippers, and others working with fishery. The teaching staff at the school comprises skilled fishermen, net builders, skippers, vessel maintain crew, and fish technologists. Around 600 people participate yearly in trainings, some of which are accommodated at the school. 
The school is located in Thyborøn at the very west coast of Denmark but conducts training courses all over the country, both from training ships and from rented premises. When it concerns vocational education of fishermen at sea Fisheries Training Center is second to none in the EU and probably also worldwide. Also lifelong learning is a well defined and a very strong competence at Fisheries Training Center compared to other fishery and maritime schools in Europe. 
North Cape Maritime College and Upper secondary school (NCMC) is a unique establishment that consists of 4 departments. One department, the Maritime College, offers a wide variety of Maritime education ranging from radio courses (to ROC, GOC ), Skippers certificated training, Crowding crisis (oil contingency), sea survival, IMO to a 1or 2 year full time maritime education where students have the opportunity to sail up to Captain. 
The Maritime department houses one of the most advanced simulator training centres in Europe. Another department, the Vocational Education College, offers 9 vocational study programmes including Fishing and Aquaculture. Furthermore, the school conducts a programme, L.O.S.A., that enables students to study in their local area by distant learning. 
The goals of the Lonxanet Foundation for Sustainable Fishing (FLPS in Spanish), constituted on 19 July 2002, are the promotion of sustainable fishing, the dissemination of the values of traditional and ecological fishing, the preservation of the marine environment, the development of specific tourism and contributing to the training of fishermen in the skills necessary to perform more efficient fishing, all in collaboration with the fishermen´s associations or institutions that are replacing them. The Lonxanet Foundation is concerned with promoting capacity building programmes for professionals involved in the sales chain of fishing products, ensuring improved traceability and added value to products of traditional fishing, and in turn, reinforcing environmental awareness for the sustainability of fishing resources. It has the experience acquired in Lonxanet Direct, sl www.lonxanet.com, the direct seller of fresh fish and seafood from traditional fishing. 
AquaTT is an international foundation which provides project management and training services to support the sustainable development of Europe´s aquatic resources. AquaTT´s mission is to bridge the knowledge gap between the dynamic R&D environments and the progressive commercial sector. AquaTT supports its target audiences through the provision of support services and through participation in, and coordination of EU projects and initiatives in the areas of education, training and technology transfer. As a non-profit making organisation, AquaTT’s function is to provide services to fill the needs of those involved in a spectrum of activities throughout the aquaculture sector: students (including life-long learners), teachers and trainers, researchers, policy makers, company employees and managers. 
INFORCOOP is the Training Institute of LEGACOOP (Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue), the most important Italian Association of Co-operatives and Mutual Aid Associations. INFORCOOP was established in 1982 as a second level Cooperatives that associates about 20 regional training agencies. Between the partners of Inforcoop there are also counselling and research societies of the Legacoop system and cooperatives and societies of different economic sectors. 
The Lira Fishermen Association represents local fishermen and provides services to their associates and the society around. The provided services are:
Vocational and ongoing training on any important aspects for fishing and maritime sectors (basic skills, legislation, practices, new technologies, safety and health on board, etc) 
Information seminars 
Administrative and organizational support 
Technological support 
Relationship and negotiations with administrations, training/educational centers, companies and other stakeholders 
Promotion and implementation of R&D projects 

In their activities, training and the valorization of their own resources (heritage, stakeholders, the community around, etc) form the basis.

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