2Fish: Inclusion of secondary service professions
within fishery to the normal VET system

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The 2Fish project has four main objectives:

1. To develop and test innovative vocational education and training modules for training of secondary fishery professions by:
producing at least 5 innovative training modules based on the needs identified in a direct collaboration with enterprises employing secondary fishery professions specialists;
undertaking a comprehensive 3-stage testing procedure with the involvement of both employees and employers of the fishery industry.

2. To support close links between fishery vocational education and training schools and enterprises in order to anticipate and respond to skills needs in this sector by addressing formal training needs of the fishery service professions and by close collaboration between enterprises and fishery vocational education and training schools.

3. To support competence development and to improve the quality of training systems within the fishery sector.

4. To provide the basis for a national/regional certification of new training modules in each partner countries aiming at acquiring European credit system for vocational education and training points at a later stage by initiating formal acknowledgements of the qualification obtained in each training modules by involving national/regional authorities or committees throughout the project.

By accomplishing these objectives 2Fish will provide each of the vocational education and training schools and organizations involved in the project a broader range of training courses, thus enhancing their role in society and possibilities of attracting more students. For the teachers involved, the 2Fish project will mean a significant rise in competence development possibilities.

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The 2Fish Project is approved and co-financed by the European Union under the “Lifelong Learning” Programme.
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