2Fish: Inclusion of secondary service professions
within fishery to the normal VET system

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Network projects

Download and consult our project documents. Here you can find:
a) Progress Report of project midterm;
b) 2Fish Leaflet in EN, NO, DK, ES and IT languages;
c) Evaluation Report of cooperation between VET and enterprises; 
d) 2Fish Factsheet in EN, NO, DK, ES and IT languages; 
e) Training modules test report and annex n°1, n°2, n°3, n°4;
f) WP 5 - Cooperation plan between VET sector and world of work

2Fish Progress Report

Leaflet 2fish DK

Leaflet 2fish EN

Leaflet 2fish IT

leaflet 2fish_ES

Leaflet 2fish NO

2Fish WP 7 - Evaluation of cooperation between VET and enterprises

2Fish Factsheet DK

2Fish Factsheet EN

2Fish Factsheet ES

2Fish Factsheet IT

2Fish Factsheet NO

2Fish Poster IT

Training modules test report

Annex 1 of the training modules test report

Annex 2 of the training modules test report

Annex 3 of the training modules test report

Annex 4 of the training modules test report

WP 5 - Cooperation Plan Between VET Sector and World of Work

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